hikkaduwa food guide

hikkaduwa food guide

The food in SRI LANKA is AWESOME! I couldn’t get enough of the amazing curries and roti shops. But you will also find a lot of trendy restaurants and coffee bars here. From vegan burgers to smoothie bowls you’ll find it all in Hikkaduwa.. Sri Lanka’s southwest coast in particular is a foodie heaven! Visiting Hikkaduwa soon? We have collected the best restaurants, coffee bars and hikkaduwa cafes for you!

The Roti Stop Restaurant

Here you can order the tastiest kotu and roti from HIkkaduwa. The tent is super small and bloody hot, but such a nice place to visit. Consequently, every night the Roti Stop is full. The food is spot on and we especially loved the Kotu here!

hikkaduwa food
hikkaduwa food guide

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Hello Burger!

In the mood for a good burger? Then Hello Burger is the place to be! The burgers are really huge and very tasty. They also have many good veggie options. You can also sit in the garden, which makes it the perfect place to have a nice quiet dinner.

Salty Swamis

It doesn’t get much hipper than Salty Swamis, though. Surely this is the uber foodie place of the hikkaduwa food guide! You can find the most delicious breakkies or lunch here. Also, the coffee here is divine, which is rare in Sri Lanka. That you pay a little more for the trendy atmosphere is no lie. Salty Swamis is very tasty, but not really cheap.

hikkaduwa food
hikkaduwa food spots
hikkaduwa food
hikkaduwa foodie

Steffi┬┤s Mandala

Steffi’s Mandala is actually a place to stay overnight but you can also enjoy breakfast and lunch here. Especially vegans, this is the place to be!

Sea Salt Society

Sea Salt Society is right on the beach and has a very nice atmosphere. So during the day we could be found here frequently.

hikkaduwa food
hikkaduwa restaurants
hikkaduwa food
hikkaduwa where to eat

Friends indeed

Can’t make up your mind? Are some in the mood for a curry and others more in the mood for a burger? Then this is the place to be. Indeed, at Friends indeed you will find a diverse menu with great food. The place is always packed and cozy, and for good reason.

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Funky Bar

At FUnky Bar, there is always some fun. Although the party takes place at a different beach club almost every night, there is always something going on at Funky Bar.

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